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Courage Beloved

"The jacket for everything to come..."

Jan Silvious



We never know what lies ahead. When I first designed this jacket with patches, wings and the powerful quote by JRR Tolkien, 'Courage is found in unlikely places.' I didn't know what was coming. While I was designing the jacket, my husband, Charlie, gave me patches from his Vietnam helicopter flight jacket and I added the motto, In God We Trust, the US flag and an US Army patch. I loved wearing my one-of-a-kind jacket. It was fun to have people stop and ask me where they could get 'the jacket'.

Then suddenly, Charlie died. I had no idea that the jacket would be a reminder of the courage I would need to find in the days ahead. My trust in God would hold me. My belief in the country would give me a sense of belonging. My pride in the US Army would encourage me and remind me of the courage of my warrior husband. The jacket took on a new meaning. Every time I wore it, I would think, 'Have courage...' 'Remember...'

I want to share the jacket with you. It will have different meanings for you, but it will remind you to have 'Courage Beloved.'



Each jacket is unique. Every jacket has silver or gold wings (your choice) and the quote by JRR Tolkien. The patches will vary. You can choose the branch of the service you want: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard. There are ten patches including the wings and Tolkien quote. If you want to add personal patches to your jacket, you can send them in and I’ll have them added for $7.00 each.

The cost for your one-of-a-kind jacket is $225.00 (includes shipping)

NOTE: If you want up to three of your own patches on the jacket please select and pay for the quantity desired. Please send your patches within 7 days to: Jan Silvious, Courage Beloved 6129 Airways Blvd Suite 700 Chattanooga, TN 37421. Please allow 3 weeks for customization. If you need to communicate with us please write to We will reply as soon as possible.

Because of customization options available, please place a separate order for each jacket that is customized differently.